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La Gloria Cubana Cigars - The history: Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Cuban Senator and tobacco grower, fled Cuba in 1959, taking with him the secret of La Gloria Cubana cigars. He began making them in the heart of Little Havana in Miami, Florida in 1968, where their bold taste made them a local favorite.

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blended a unique combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos to make the cigars even more full-flavored and richer tasting. His efforts paid off, when, in 1992, Cigar Aficionado recognized the superiority of La Gloria Cubana, giving it a 90 rating. Today, produced in both Miami and the Dominican Republic, La Gloria Cubana is one of the most sought after cigars in the world.

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Available in a variety of sizes, in both Natural and Maduro,the brand's special blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler and binder becomes one with its beautifully aged Ecuadoran wrapper to deliver the full, rich flavor that is its trademark. The experience: Rich, Flavorful, Full-bodied. These words perfectly describe the La Gloria cigars taste experience.

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These full-bodied puros feature an extra-dark Jalapa Valley wrapper that packs a potent flavor-punch in every expertly-rolled stick. La Gloria Serie N: As a sister brand to the critically acclaimed La Gloria Cubana Serie R collection, La Gloria Cubana Serie N debuts into a lofty position. This new line delivers in spades by marrying proprietary Nicaraguan tobacco with a dark Capa Oscura wrapper.

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La Gloria Petites:Cramming the bold flavor of La Gloria into a 4 3/8 x 32 cigarillo was no easy feat, but the experts at La Gloria Cubana have managed to pull it off. These cigarillos are fully loaded with the brand's one of a kind character and taste, providing a rich and thoroughly satisfying small smoke you can enjoy when you're pressed for time.

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Re+United: Perez-Carrillo And Giannini Make A Cigar February 11, 2014 Five years ago, almost to the month, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo left the La Gloria Cubana brand and his longtime associate Michael Giannini. Perez-Carrillo went on to start a new cigar company, ….

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La Gloria Cubana Cigars have been making premium finely aged cigars for the past two decades. They have risen to the top of the cigar industry. Originally manufactured in the famous Little Havana section of Miami, La Gloria Cubana quickly outgrew its manufacturing facility and moved production to the Dominican Republic.

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Deeply satisfying, La Gloria Cubana Cigars range from medium to full-bodied, and feature a robust smoke. Check out the entire line of La Gloria Cubana Cigars below including the famous La Gloria Cubana Serie R and La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show.

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La Gloria Cubana is the name of two premium cigar brands, one produced on the island of Cuba for Habanos SA, the Cuban state-owned tobacco company, and other produced in the Dominican Republic by El Credito Cigar Company for General Cigar Company, now a subsidiary of Swedish Match. La Gloria Cubana was sold to General Cigar Company by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo in 1999 for an undisclosed sales price.

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Rocha, who manufactured the brand from his factory at 364 Miguel Street in Havana. After Rocha's death in 1954, the Cifuentes family bought both La Gloria Cubana and Bolivar from Rocha's former company. Production was moved to the Partagás Factory, where it's still produced today, and became very popular as an export brand.

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It is produced in smaller quantities than other brands and maintains its popularity with connoisseurs, the Médaille d'Or No. 2 being a particularly prized vitola. La Gloria Cubana also produces two machine-made cigarillos: the Mini and the Purito. The following list of vitolas de salida (commercial vitolas) within the La Gloria Cubana marque lists their size and ring gauge in Imperial (and Metric), their vitolas de galera (factory vitolas), and their common name in American cigar slang.

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1 - 7​1⁄4" × 36 (184 × 14. 29 mm), Delicado Extra, a long panetela Médaille d'Or No. 2 - 6​3⁄4" × 43 (171 × 17. 07 mm), Dalia, a lonsdale Médaille d'Or No. 3 - 6​7⁄8" × 28 (175 × 11. 11 mm), Panetela Larga, a slim panetela Médaille d'Or No.

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70 mm), Palmita, a slim panetela Taíno - 7" × 47 (178 × 18. 65 mm), Julieta No. 2, a churchill Marshall (Adriatic 2008) - 4​7⁄8" × 50 (124 × 19. 84 mm) Robusto, a robusto Glorioso (United Kingdom 2008) - 6​1⁄8" × 50 (156 × 19. 84 mm) Doble, a robusto extra Deliciosos (Cuba 2009) - 5.

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4, a Corona Extra(commonly assumed to be a robusto) Triunfos (Switzerland 2010) - 6. 3" × 50 (160 × 50 mm) Magnum 50, Double Robusto Belux No. 1(Belux(Belgium and Luxembourg) 2011) - 5. 5" × 52 (140 × 52 mm) Genios, Robusto Extra Inmensos (2010) - 6. 5" × 54 (164 × 54 mm) Sublimes, Double Robusto "La Gloria Cubana".

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Famed cigar-master Ernesto Perez-Carrillo arrived in Little Havana from his native Cuba and set out to create his version of what a great smoke should be, one that would capture the spirit of Cuba and conquer the palates of even the most critical of connoisseurs. And in 1968 he did just that, unveiling his La Gloria Cubana.

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P.Carrillo’s El Credito Cigar factory in Little Havana cranked out developed a following,yet it wasn’t until a blend change in 1980 that the modern La Gloria Cubana cigars were set loose on the World. Gradually La Gloria Cubana went from local institution to international superstar, exploding on the scene of the 1990's cigar boom with an astonishing 98 rating.